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Solar energy heat utilization subsidies industry is difficult to call for policy support
Category: Industry Dynamics
Date: 2015-07-21
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Author: 佚名
Solar energy not only to power generation, but also heating, heating. But with the domestic photovoltaic industry compared to blossom everywhere the solar energy industry, the situation is Rainbow Nig...
Solar energy not only to power generation, but also heating, heating. But with the domestic photovoltaic industry compared to blossom everywhere the solar energy industry, the situation is Rainbow Night.
In July 22nd, the 2015 international solar heating refrigeration technology summit, Meng Xiangan, deputy director of the China Renewable Energy Society, said, as of the end of last year, the domestic solar thermal utilization market has about 410000000 square meters, is widely used in civilian water heaters, industrial heating, public heating and other fields. But with the economic development into the new normal, solar thermal utilization market also began to face difficulties.
China solar thermal utilization industry operating status report published in the beginning of the year, the data show that since 2011, the overall growth rate of solar thermal utilization industry has been more than 3 consecutive years of decline. Rural market overdraft, the real estate market downturn, the solar thermal utilization market rose from 17.6% in 2011 to 3.3% in 2013, the first negative growth in the size of the market in 2014. Do not go out of the enterprise have been closed out of the market, and even some of the leading enterprises in the main business has declined, have turned to the industry, such as photovoltaic.
Meng Xiangan said, at present photovoltaic power, wind power industry national policy is mandatory online, there are a variety of provinces and fiscal subsidy policies, but only the solar energy heat utilization, like a new energy field, a no account of the child, there is no support for tax subsidies. We hope that we can call on the introduction of some support policies to guide the environmental protection, energy saving and new industries to achieve sustainable and healthy development."
China Renewable Energy Society heat utilization committee director Zheng Ruicheng in his speech, said, at present the national energy board and other departments is organizing energy "45" plan. "Previously'1025'planning pay more attention to solar power, but the '45' planning, the relevant departments of the state attention has been paid to the solar thermal utilization prospect in, inviting the solar heat by relevant experts to join the plan. It can be said that the solar thermal utilization industry will usher in a turning point."
To solar water heater based business in the four seasons Mu Song, has been ahead of the layout of the industrial layout of solar thermal utilization. Li Jun, President of the four seasons song, told reporters in an interview in twenty-first Century, said, in addition to civilian solar hot water market, the company is heating and heating of the commercial market, the company has been in Hebei, Sichuan, Shandong, Tibet and other market layout of a number of demonstration projects.
"It is a big trend to cross the solar seasonal thermal storage. We use technology to save the summer heat, and in the winter, it is used for heating. With the transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial enterprises and energy structure adjustment, the future of solar energy in the industrial heating, residential heating has a lot of commercial potential."
"But it is clear that there is still no air outlet for solar thermal utilization industry." Li Jun admits, with Denmark, Germany and other advanced technology, experience, China's solar thermal utilization market is still in its infancy, enterprises are faced with the public on the lack of acceptance of solar heating concept, the lack of mature business model, industry policy is not perfect and other challenges, companies need a lot of money for technology research and development and marketing, and a business is unable to promote the entire market, we still call for the introduction of relevant industrial policies to guide and support."
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